Agarwood Oil

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Agarwood is the resinous, fragrant heartwood produced by Aquilaria tree. Agarwood is formed when normal wood tissues are wounded by fungal infections, chemical stimulation or any other physical way .This process produces a dark resin to counter the attack.The resin is aromatic and dense in natur.It is native to Southeast Asia, with Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam,Cambodia, Thailand main producer of it.


ESSENTIAL oil:-The A. crassna specie of aquilara tree contains good quality Agarwood oil.It is extracted by hydro distillation. Supercritical fluid carbon dioxide extraction method is mainly used in industrial process.


Sesquiterpenes and 2-(2-phenylethyl)-4H-chromen-4-one derivatives are the main constituents in agarwood. Sesquiterpenes can be divided into Agarofurans, Agarospiranes,Guaianes.Some aromatic compounds it have are Benzylacetone, Anisicacid,(p-Methoxybenzyl)acetone.

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