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"Om Aromas" is the reputed manufacturer and distillers of a wide range of Indian essential oils ,fragrance & flavours ,Indian attars and natural products.

Our factory is situated in the central part of India. which is manufacturing highly qualified and experinced personnels that enable us to offer the best International Quality Products.

We believe in purity with perfection.

we also manufacture customized solution according to your specific requirement.

Indian natural attars from the Mugal period or even earlier when aroma bearing substances like Sandal, Musk, Comphor, Saffron were used as such (without isolation of odorous principles) and the range of such materials and essential oils were further enriched during the Mugal period, when new plants were brought by the Mugals from Central Asia to this country.

This lead to the discovery and development of process for the preparation of attar from Roses by Noorjahan, the Mugal queen, This was the beginning of the natural attars in India, which developed and progressed in and around Kannauj and is quite strong even now. Floral Attars may be defined as the distillates obtained by the hydro distillation of flowers in Sandalwood Oil or other base materials like DOP, DEP, Paraffin etc.

The attars of Rose & Kewra are used as flavours in Indian sweets and pan masala . The main users of attars is in the Pan Masala and Chewing tobacco industry. The two product also unique to India & consume nearly 80% of all the attars manufactured. All the attars are used as perfumes by themselves. In India and middle East, attars are made as offerings to the God.

There are evidences in the history and Hindu sacred books ( Holy texts) that perfumery tradition dates back to over 5000 years at the time of Indus valley civilization as well when distillation practice was reported to be in existence.

We combine this with our timely deliveries, customised packing and overall excellent service to surpass the customer's expectations. Comfort and safety of the Customers is our top priority.